Thailia & King Tut welcomed their first litter of  four kittens on 04/10/2023 Thailia is a split faced sepia mink with a personality of epic magnitude, We are excited to see their colors develop 

in the next comming weeks and will update photos and progression as they grow please get your applications in soon so you do not miss this once in a lifetime oppritunity to own one of these show quality kittens.

Felicity & King tut became proud parents of six healthy newborn babies on 04/09/2023 Momma is a solid blue Mink and Daddy is a traditional chocolate point We will be adding pictures of available kittens in the next few weeks as they grow and develop coloring.

The ragdoll breed is the  best companion aniamal ever !  We at Tigger tot cattery believe that the early intregration and exsposure to dogs, cats  and children help our kittens have a great bond with their owners ! We  are commited to giving our babies the best life possible ! starting from birth any beyond !


King Tut (Tut) - has been bred to - Thailah and King Tut welcome their first litter of four

King Tut (Tut) - has been bred to - Felicity (Ann)



King Tut and Felicity First Litter

Date of Birth: October 31st, 2022

Intoducing King Tut as a Traditional Chocolate Male and Felicity as a solid Blue Mink Both Dna tested and clear of any genetic defects. This will be a beautiful litter of kittens with great Ragdoll temperments that any ragdoll lover would welcome into their home ! we are so excited to anounce this long awaited litter of kittens !