Do Ragdolls Shed?

Every living thing sheds to a certain degree, but generally Ragdolls only have one layer of long-guard hairs, which cuts down significantly on their shedding compared to other breeds. Their soft, silky fur is also much less prone to matting and is very easy to maintain.

There are bloodlines with longer, more dense coats though. So just be aware of the amount of fluff you are willing to maintain when choosing a kitten.Should I Get a Male or Female?

The question I get more than any other question is : Should I get a male or should I get a female?  In all breeds of cat, males tend to be larger and more laid back as adults. They tend to be more outgoing and social in general. Females tend to be a bit smaller and more discriminating in their choices. I believe it is more important to choose the type of personality you are looking for instead of the gender of the kitten/Adult you are looking for 

In terms of being accepted into an established household, the individual personalities of the current pet(s) and the kitten are really the main consideration. Some kittens have a more dominant personality than others. Their personalities range the full spectrum just like us! So it is my belief to try to match kittens/ Adults with the compairison of the new adopter and their type of lifestyle.

I have the unique oppritunity to develop a report with each individual kitten/ cat and can reccomend a kitten/adult based on the personality vs the gender and make every effort available to make matches that will last a lifetime ! 

Are Ragdolls Hypoallergenic?

Allergies to cats generally don’t come from the cat’s hair itself, but from a protein in saliva and other secretions. There are other similar allergens that may play a part in allergic reactions which would still be present.

No cat at this time is 100% hypoallergenic. Steps such as keeping the cat out of the bedroom, regular grooming, regular vacuuming and dusting will help. I am allergic to cats but I manage with minimal symptoms. For me, my body doesn't really react to my own cats because I'm used to them. I have other allergies as well so I just take an antihistamine every day. I wasn’t about to let allergies keep me from my love and enjoyment of having cats/kittens in my life.

Do Ragdolls Really Go Limp When Picked Up?

well yes and no ! That being said, Ragdolls are generally very relaxed and will often “hang” while being held suspended. I've learned over the years that the degree of their noodle-ness depends on a number of things.

1. Nature. Believe it or not, genetics. I've seen firsthand how personality will follow parentage, even when the kitten never meets the father!

2. Nurture. Learned behaviors from their mother and and early handling by myself and my family.  .

3. Me- as a breeder it is my job to help socialize and begin training the kittens from the day they are born I strive to foster an enviornment of trust and saftey with each individual adult and kitten in learning their each individual personalities and implementing gentling exercises and routines custom to each personaility and what works best with their type of personaility so that every kitten and cat can come to trust and depend on human interactions that bring out the best to their individual personalities.Daily exercises teach your kitten to enjoy being handled in ways that would be required for basic care extending to potential showing in the future.

4. You. What you teach your kitten at home is what they will become is up to you. Despite what you may have come to believe, cats are very trainable. Ragdolls are particularly easy to train thanks to their love for human interaction! A few kibbles of dry food or treats help too! 

5. Time and cat time not human time works in two parts 

1-. The optimum time frame for kitten socialization is 4 to 12 weeks of age. Getting all the basics and ground rules established during this time frame will make training from then on much easier and less of an adjustment so these weeks are critical in your kitties development thefore it is a must to devlop a report with open communication with the breeder of your kitten, as they play such a critical role in this early development. 

2-. As kittens age their bodies and minds go through changes just like people. When kittens go through puberty they will often act like what you would expect your teenager to act like…You’re no longer fun and cool, and those snuggles and kisses?! Forget it! Those are for babies! But don't worry, time mellows kitties just as well as it does wine! Just be sure to keep up on handling ,training and loving  during those rough months and your little snuggler will return to their loving self.

My friends and family say I should just rescue a kitty from the shelter why is it a good idea to use a breeder?

Rescuing cats and kittens from the shelter is great and Tigger Tot Cattery is commited by many diffrent means in supporting our local pet shelter, Millions of cats are euthanized in shelters every year. If rescuing is your calling, that's great! I commend you!  I've rescued many, and continue when I can. But it's important to know the risks of rescuing vs adopting from a Reputable and ethical breeder.

Kittens from reputable breeders come from generations of healthy cats that are carefully selected to ensure they meet the breed standards, are healthy, and have loving personalities. The breeding parents receive appropriate veterinary care both routine and non-routine. At Tigger Tot Cattery all of our cats are DNA tested before ever even thinking of breeding them to make sure they have the quaility to breed in the first place . They are tested for Leukemia/FIV prior to breeding or come from bloodlines that have tested negative for both. The kittens will come with a health guarantee, have had all age-appropriate vaccines and veterinary care, are free from internal and external parasites, and are socialized to ensure they will be purrfect pets for you and your family. The early experiences of a kitten during its socialization period (from 4-12 weeks) have a profound impact on the rest of its life. It is very important that the kitten is not frightened or abused in this period or it can remain that way for the rest of its life. By adopting a kitten that has been raised properly and carefully in a structured environment, you are ensuring a solid foundation for a well-socialized member of the family. 

Kittens from shelters come from unknown backgrounds and have been exposed to various diseases and parasites both before and after coming to the shelter. They will be frightened, traumatized and generally added to a room already (over)loaded with cats and exsposed to various things . They receive little one-on-one human interaction thus are often not well socialized. Shelters have limited funding so only the bare minimum is guaranteed. Kittens and cats often go untested for leukemia/FIV before being introduced to all the other cats. They are dewormed only for a fraction of the parasites they could be infected with, and are given a flea treatment  generally of little efficacy due to cost constraints. If needed they'll treat for ear mites and minor health issues (respiratory infections, wounds etc). They will be given vaccines (generally regardless of their health status), but again, only the bare minimum. Some shelters have better funding and can do more, but they still tend to stick to the basics to keep costs as low as possible. All in all, rescuing from a shelter is a gamble on health and personality.

Are you a repetable breeder ?

At Tigger tot Cattery our lives revolve around our cats ! yes we are repetable we are registared with T.I.C.A. under the name Tigtot this can be looked up at :

We are also registared with CFA under the name Tigger Tot Cattery at :

We will make availability to use facetime or any other social media meeting place so that you are able to see the kittens and the enviornment they live in , We will happily except in person visitation upon request with an appointment.

We at Tigger tot Cattery realize that there are alot of scams out there and have many reccomendations to assist you in not becomming a victim to one  please see our Buyer beware page for more indepth reccomendations.


How do I litter box train ? Your Kitten will be litter box trained when they go home.  However, take them to the litter box every few hours for the first day or two to ensure they know how to find the litter box in your big new home.  I use Tidy Cats Lightweight clumping litter to train the Kittens and for my older cats, I prefer Petsafe scoop fee crystals and So Phresh clumping crystals.  I mix them together.  For your Kittens first litter box at home, any standard clumping clay if Tidy Cats, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal etc. should be just fine.  Do not try anything different such as pellets, corn or grass seed litter. After they are well adjusted, feel free to switch from a clumping clay to any litter you prefer.

Do the kittens have any vaccines when they go home?

Yes. The Kitten will have all age appropriate vaccines when they go home. At 7 weeks old, I administer the Feline Rhinotra/Calici/Panleuk (also known as distemper), all in one vaccine. I use a killed virus which is more conservative than a live virus. You will be given a Vaccine Record to continue the series with your Veterinarian for an additional 2 vaccines (or total of 3). Do not Vaccinate for FIP. If you do, your health guarantee is void. Do not vaccinate for leukemia unless you pick up strays or have questionable Cats in your home. DO NOT ALLOW MULTIPLE VACCINES ON THE SAME DAY!!  Always try to find a Veterinarian that use only killed vaccines as Ragdolls can have shot reactions and worse, using modified or live vaccines.  Your Veterinarian will advise you the proper age for Rabies vaccine.

What kind of food do you feed your kittens?

 Kittens and Adult Cats here at Tigger Tot Cattery eat Life abundance Dry Cat food grain free formula freely feed thru out the day and give Raw diet at night please see my diet page for an explanation as to why this is necessary and very important to your cats health !

How often do you feed your kittens/cats?

I leave dry food/kibble out 24/7 in automatic feeders.  I feed them wet food regularly at the night time meals.  Raw or Wet food is a good source of protein, especially as your kitten grows.  If you spoil them too much with wet food, they may reject the dry.  Always get them eating Kibble regularly first.

What kind of litter do you use?

For the Kittens we use Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 20-lb bag and mix it with the worlds best cat litter it does my home justice and I highly recommend it to you 


Any tips for welcoming the kitten to its new home?

Your kitten will want nothing more than to be with you and near you.  If you have curtains, tie them up.  A kitty condo is a plus, a scratching post is a must.  A play pen area is nice to have with their food, water or toys.  That can be their special designated area where they feel safe with everything they need.

Do you test your Breeder Cats for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)?

Yes, all of our Breeder cats have tested negative for HCM.

Do I need to bathe my kitten/cat regularly?

No.  it is not necessary to bathe your Cat.  Your Cat should groom themselves regularly.  On occasion I perform a sanitary cut around their privates if the fur is really long.  Regular bathes is not required but regular grooming is.  I brush my cats regularly and sometimes spray them with a conditioner or deodorizing spray.

How often to you trim the cat's nails?

I trim my cat’s nails regularly, about every 4-6 weeks.  I use basic nail cutters (smaller size) that you would use to trim your own children’s nails.  I will cut your kitten’s nails before they go home and typically, they are also bathed the night before they go home.  Simply put, I want them perfect for you when they go home.

Do your kittens have exposure to other dogs and kids?

Yes, my dog’s names are Leo and Titan one lab and one pitbull.Theyare  the nicest dog ever and the cats love him.  He is extremely tolerant.  The kittens will snuggle up on them .  One kitten attempted to suckle/nurse on his belly area.  It was oddly adorable.  My clients with dogs have been very happy.  The exposure they get from Titan and Leo, certainly makes the transition easier ! However we do not have children but try to bring children around each new litter we have after they have had their first vaccinations.