Welcome to Tigger Tot Cattery   We are newer to  breeding Ragdoll Cats and come into breeding with mentorship from TICA ,CFA and Mentorship from a very beloved Local cattery who have all taken us under their wing to teach us how to beome a highly respected breeder and show participant in the ragdoll breed !  We were immediately attracted to the breed due their dog-like personalities and We immediately fell in love with the breed, and they have been a huge part of our lives ever since.

Our first Ragdoll mixed breed cat was named Chica and she was a beautiful lilac bicolor.Her personality was everything we’d hoped for.She would follow us around like a dog, run and meet us at the door when we returned, and just basically want to be with us all the time. Tinkerbell was with us a short 2 years and we miss her very much.

Our philosophy has always been to breed for personality loving and sweet in nature with a great genetic background to provide kittens around the world that were healthy and a pleasure to have in any home . In the beginning showing the type and look of a purebred Ragdoll was very much up in the air as the breed was so new to the judges.  It soon became obvious that some of the judges were seeking out information on just what a Ragdoll should look like from the breeders that would show the most.

. We quickly found out one thing, personality was at the heart of the popularity of the Ragdoll cat ! sunshine personality and quality genetics are what we breed for above all else.  People with other Ragdolls often comment on the loving, sweet personalities the Ragdolls from our cattery have, and that comes with the diligent trust we develop and the continual involvement we have in the early care and handling of each of our feline love bugs and exsposing them to all types of stimuli that they will be encountering in their lives  .

We believe in honesty and integrity in dealing with all people and want to know each individual and families our kittens or retired adults will be coming home to ! Because of our commitment to our kittens/cats our commitment and support is for the lifetime of the cat and their families.

All of our ragdoll Queens and Kings are DNA tested and found to be negitive for any diseases and hereditary traits that unfortunately the ragdoll breed is prone to, We strive in every way to produce kittens and maintain adults that are healthy by mind, body and spirit.

All of our Cats and Kittens health is maintained by our trusted Local veterinarian hospital were all of our kittens/cats are seen by Qualified staff for all healthy mom examinations, kitten examinations and special needs , vaccinations , spay and neuter , Cardiology evaluation, emergency care  and even the simple things such and flea and tick prevention.